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    Modern PPTQ for a Case of Modern Masters 2017

    Modern PPTQ 2018 is on the way! See how you can get in on the case of Modern Masters 2017...

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  • xwingstorechamp.jpg

    $1000 X-WING Store Championship

    Yes! I did say $1000!! Do you have what it takes to be the champion?! On August 12th, we are having our long awaited X-Wing Store Championship for you to win $1000 guaranteed prizes in store credit!!

  • burningshadow.jpg

    Pokemon: Burning Shadows Pre-Release

    Get your hands on these new "burning" cards during our pre-release! We will have two events on July 29th!

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    Join us for Yu-Gi-Oh Day!

    We will be hosting YU-GI-OH DAY on JULY 23RD !!! What is YGO DAY? Yu-Gi-Oh! Day is a day for all to celebrate the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand, create excitement for our brand at our Official Tournament Stores (OTS), and to further distinguish OTS from non-OTS.

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